Please cover our Botswana team in prayer as they serve alongside IMB missionaries to share the gospel and make Christ’s name known among the nations September 25-October 6.

Botwana Airport Pic

Moldova Days 3-5

Thank you for covering our Moldova team in prayer! They will land in Jackson in just a few hours!

Moldova Team 2015

Things have been quite busy over here in Moldova with clinics every day and revival each night. Clinic has been terrific every day, and the Moldovan people are so grateful that we have been able to be here this week and are able to help them. I wish I could share each and every story in this email, but it would take days to write. God is working in so many lives here. Each and everyday, I am more and more thankful that God placed our team in this country this specific week. The members of the church here have hearts of servants like I have never seen before. Since we hosted mobile clinics this week, they helped to set up the clinic each morning and tear it down every evening—all while giving patients snacks, translating for us, and making sure the clinic ran efficiently all day. The Sanduleac family opened their own home to us this week along with 2 missionaries. Alex’s wife cooked every single meal for us and made sure we had everything we needed.

Every team member has had the opportunity to share his or her testimony. While speaking, it was neat to be able to see the looks on the people’s faces as we applied the gospel to our daily lives. It feels like our team, the Sanduleacs, and the other believers here are a part of one big family- the family of Christ.

Each night at revival while Logan would preach, the rest of us would go help out in kid’s church. We would teach bible stories and then play games. Even though we don’t speak the same language as these sweet kids, we are able to connect well through spending time with them and playing with them. Moldova has captured each of our hearts this week, and our journey back to Mississippi will be bittersweet.

Thank you again for praying for our team! We look forward to being home soon and telling more stories about how God is moving and working in Moldova!

Moldova- Days 1 & 2

Day One:

Well, after four flights, an almost lost passport, an almost canceled flight to Moldova and a two hour car ride, we finally made it to Cupcini around 11PM last night. We gathered around the table with tea and chocolate cake that Alex’s daughter had prepared for us when we arrived. As you probably know, we were exhausted from all of the traveling, so it didn’t take long to take showers and hit the bed. Today we will spend the day mentally and physically preparing for tomorrow and the days to follow. The revival starts tonight so be praying that the Moldovan people will have open ears and open hearts to hear what Logan is preaching! We are so excited about this week and what all God has prepared for us. Thank you for praying for us as we start this incredible week! Team members include Dr. Greg Fiser, Logan Douglas, April Hudson, Dr. Ben Burkett, Dr. RachelAnn Sullivan, Dr. Anna Lovett, and Kathryn Fuller.

Moldova 2015 Airport Moldova 2015 Arrival

Day Two:

The first revival meeting was held last night at Pastor Alex’s church, and it went really well. We started out by singing songs in Russian which was very neat. Alex then called our team up on stage where we introduced ourselves and sang songs of our own. The church really seemed to enjoy this. Dr. Fiser went on to share his testimony. After that, Rachel Ann, Ben, Kathryn, Anna and I all headed downstairs to help with Children’s Church while Logan stayed up stairs and preached for the adults. Overall, it was a big hit. Then we came back to the house where Alex’s wife and daughter had supper ready and waiting for us. Just being here for a day has already been such a blessing. The Lord is moving in huge ways with these people. We start clinic today so prayers are appreciated as we begin treating these sweet people. Please pray that we will be the hands and feet of Jesus as we love on the people and that the Holy Spirit will give us the words to share with those that are lost.

Moldova 2015 Dr. Fiser Moldova 2015 Logan Preaching

Moldova 2015 Revival Moldova 2015 Children's Church Moldova 2015 Children's Church 5 Moldova 2015 Children's Church 4

Moldova 2015 Children's Church 2



July Haiti Medical Team

Haiti July Team

Thank you for covering our Thoman, Haiti team in prayer! Team members include Mike, Angela, Natalie, Haley, Freddy, Payton, Emily, Tyler, Kaitlyn, Fred, Paul, Miriam, Ken, Dana, and Thomas. In addition to hosting medical clinics each day, the team has also taught basic healthcare classes and partnered with Haitians on a building project. God has blessed their efforts with 21 new believers in Christ! Praise God!!

Please continue to lift up this team as they serve today and tomorrow before heading home on Saturday.

Guatemala Hope of Life

Day Four:

Today we got up and filled 120 food bags with corn, beans, rice, and nutritional supplements to be distributed in villages. We then visited with the children in the special needs home, Kelly’s House and with some of the residents of the nursing home until lunchtime. After lunch, we rode a bus with another group to serve food at the feeding center at the dump.  We told everyone we saw and served that Jesus loved them and Dios te Bendiga.  Hayley was able to talk to Harvey (the boy she was able to lead to Christ in March,and Ann Bradley got to talk to her friend Fernanda who told her today that she is a Christian. Ava was able to lead a boy named Harrison to Christ, and I was able to go to the back of the dump where some of the tent homes are and talk to a family of eight who all prayed together to accept Jesus! We praise God for His mighty power, His goodness and His moving Presence!  After coming back, girls spent some time at the hospital and up at the orphanage playing with the children.  Pray especially for one little boy named Alex who is severely malnourished and was rescued a week ago that I was able to spend several hours loving on and playing with at the hospital.

Please pray for all the people at the dump. It is the rainy season here and I cannot imagine their physical discomfort and suffering. Please pray that their spiritual and physical needs will be met.

Please pray for all of our Hope of Life Causelife friends and the elderly in the Hope of Life nursing home.

Please pray for us tomorrow as we will go to another village to go door to door and share the gospel and God’s love through VBS.

Thanks so much for your prayers!

Dios te Bendiga,

Regina, Hayley, Ava and Ann Bradley


Day Five:

Today we went to the village of Curva del Pino to distribute the 120 food bags we put together yesterday.  We were not able to go door to door but were able to give a booklet containing the gospel of John and Book of Romans to all the people who received the bags.  Many of them had children who stayed for VBS. We were able to share the gospel with around 80 children.  The teachers dismissed class early to bring all of the children to our VBS!  Please pray for a sweet lady named Meladie who is the village leader who helped us today. The children here were all so precious, and it was encouraging to hear that many of the families are a part of one of two nearby churches.

We came back and gave out the backpacks with school supplies that Kailee raised to the Causelife Village children, passed out the Books of John and Romans booklets to the homes in Causelife, and played in the rain with the children there and visited a few of our friends at the nursing home.

Please pray specifically for our special friends at Kelly’s House and for the hearts of all those we talk to tomorrow to be softened and open to the gospel.

Dios te Bendiga!

Guatemala Team Updates

Guatemala Eagle’s Nest Team:

Thank you for covering our Eagle’s Nest team in prayer! They were able to love on and share the gospel with countless people! A full report on the trip will be sent out later this week.


Guatemala Hope of Life Team:

Day One:

This morning we started the day off worshiping at church Guatemala style! The worship was lead by Phil Monk, one of the first parents in the new family style homes at the orphanage who challenged us to come close to God and He will come close to us. There have been a lot of changes in the onsite leadership here since March. Julio has been the long-time coordinator but has left to start his own ministry in a village about 90 miles away but we were excited to get to see him at the church service today.

This afternoon we came back and went to Kelly’s House, Causelife Village and the orphanage. We were excited to be reunited with friends and can’t wait to see what God has in store for this week!

Day Two:

Today we served at the Village of LaLaguneta. We played parachute games with the kids and shared the gospel with over 75 children and many of their families. We had lunch at the local church and were able to feed some of our food to a few hungry kids hanging around! Then we went house to house with the local pastor, Pastor Hugo. We prayed over a few members of his congregation, but he mainly took us to houses of those who don’t attend his church. There were a number of these people who said they did not have a personal relationship with Jesus but were not ready to accept Him today. We prayed for them there and ask you to specifically pray for Holy Spirit to work in the hearts of the following people that they will accept Him as their Savior and Lord: Lorena, Linette, Marlani, Blanca, Maya (and family), and Jeremy’s mom.

Pray also for the 75 children who came to VBS and took the gospel coloring books home. These books present a clear message of the gospel using pictures, words and verses, and our prayer is that the books will be used to touch the lives of not only the children who leave with them but also their families and friends.

We are resting for a few minutes in the hammocks before heading to Kelly’s House and Causelife Village on Hope of Life’s grounds.

Dios te Bendiga!

Day Three:

Today we went to the Village of El Jurgallon which is one of the villages we went to in March with the youth team. We were able to follow up with several of the people we talked to in March and also went to a lot of the houses there that we did not get to March.  We were able to pray with them and give many of them Bibles.

We are so excited to report that one of the ladies we talked to in March named Sonja who did not accept Christ then told us that she is now a Christian. We were able to pray for and ask you to pray for her husband, Meynor, who is not a Christian.

We were able to follow up with Maria who was a young girl who accepted Christ in March, and she asked us to pray for healing for her stomach.  She is now much better and her mother, Elsita Lopez, accepted Jesus today! Please continue to pray for the rest of their family.

As we were walking, a little boy named Jose Alejandro came running up with his mother whose name is Zoila and gave us a picture of him, and she said he wanted us to have it so we would never forget him because it makes him so happy when we come :) And if that isn’t enough, Zoila is one of the precious ladies who accepted Jesus in March!

As we were leaving this area to go to another area in the village, Ava felt lead to stop at one more house and was able to lead a lady named Maria to Christ!

Please pray for all of the people named above and also the following people who accepted Christ today:  Martha, another Maria, and Delmi.

Please pray for the following people who said they were not ready to accept Christ: Anna, Blanca, Angelina, Maria, Angela, and Karen.

Please pray for the following Christians in this village: Kelly (and her family), Sarah, Miriam, Maria (she is an older lady weary and heavily burdened with taking care of her family) and her daughter Elva, Susanna and Luki (Kellie’s sisters-in-law who are police officers- pray for their safety, health and their precious families), and Rosalina (a young Christian girl going through a hard time).

We played with and shared the gospel with 56 children at VBS! Several of their mothers were there and listening also. Please pray for each of them and their families!

Please pray for this entire village. They are so sweet but we met no one who is involved or wanted to be a part of the local church. Kellie’s family travels a good distance to another church, but most of the people are not able to do so. Our prayer is that the Bibles we gave them will allow them to worship and know God more and encourage one another and for the softening of the local pastor’s heart so that he can be used by God in this village.

Thank you so much for your prayers – we felt them today!!

Dios te Bendiga